Our Difference

We Drive Profits to Your Bottom Line by Increasing Worker Loyalty, Safety and Productivity on the Job

Target Lodging has changed the way the industry thinks about workforce housing. Where it was once just a cost of doing business, Target Lodging has turned it into an operational strategy that actually comes with its own ROI.

We call it the Economics of Comfort®, the proven idea that investing in the comfort and safety of workers pays big dividends down the road by reducing the cost of attrition, increasing the performance and productivity of your workers and decreasing the number of on-site incidents potentially caused by fatigue or poor nutrition.

It all begins with dedicated service professionals who are committed to creating a home away from home for your workforce. Their goal is to provide guests with the welcoming experience that has earned Target Lodging a reputation for the best guest experience in the industry starting with a clean room, a truly comfortable bed and thoughtful amenities.

We then add:

  • Great tasting and nutritious food, 24/7
  • Spacious TV and recreation rooms
  • State of the art fitness rooms
  • Housekeeping services
  • Free laundry
  • Well-trained 24/7 security detail
  • Convenience store
  • Free movie rental
  • Swimming pool (Pecos, TX)
  • Basketball court
  • BBQ pits
  • Driving range (Dunn County, North Dakota)

Our goal is to optimize your workforce. And the Economics of Comfort does just that. What’s more, the quality of our guest experience actually provides a recruiting advantage for any company competing for the best talent in challenging labor markets, remote locations and harsh working environments.

The benefit to you:

  • A guest experience that contributes to your bottom line
  • A competitive recruiting advantage
  • Support for the business case you will make for a turnkey workforce housing solution.

It starts with the partnerships we create with our customers who, like us, place a high level of value on their workforce and are willing to provide the tools they need to be at their best every day.

To begin illustrating the value we provide across the enterprise, we start with the value-creation stream of which there are four key gates:


Most recruiting and retention challenges can be solved with money. However, when you have a remote worksite and a rotational workforce, housing plays a prominent role where the quality of the company-provided accommodations becomes the reason to sign on or the reason to go home.  The benefit package must also consider:

  • Accommodations
  • Nutrition
  • Comfort
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Social interaction
  • Ability to communicate back to home


Providing your workforce with the tools to be safe and successful goes beyond education and training. There are physical and mental considerations that also need to be taken into account.


  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Exercise


  • Safety
  • Social interaction
  • Mental stimulation
  • Communication back home


This is what you strive for, and it is largely a result of highly performing individuals and teams.  With no single predictor of high performance, it’s critical to care for the needs of your workforce 24 hours/day rather than just the time they’re on the clock.


Driving shareholder value — your duty and responsibility.

In summary, the Economics of Comfort™ prove that the actions of your crew during the 12 hours they’re off the clock have a profound impact on their performance during the 12 hours they’re on it. And this has specific value to your three main stakeholder groups:

Human Resources

Great food, comfortable beds and state-of-the-art fitness and recreational features not only help our clients attract and recruit the best employees, but also build goodwill and act as your best employee-retention tool.

Operations and HSE

When workers live in a well-run facility that offers great nutrition, a good night’s sleep and a professional security force, safety and productivity on the job go up.


While the Economics of Comfort™ were created to give employees a comforting place to come home to after work, our clients can take great comfort in the increased profitability that results. By reducing lost work days, lowering employee attrition and decreasing work-related injuries related to fatigue or poor nourishment, the Economics of Comfort™ never stop paying dividends.