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Discover how our customers experience improved retention rates, greater productivity levels and higher morale of their employees. 

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Explore how we provide the means to positively affect your workforce – both physically and mentally – and the tangible results that follow.

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Learn how we've provided safe, quality workforce housing by going the extra mile for our customers. Read about their challenges and the solutions we provide.

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ROI Case Study

Exonomics of Comfort Case Study Thumbnail

Discover how investing in high-quality permanent workforce housing in Williston, North Dakota helped improve employee retention and productivity.

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Exploration & Production Sales Sheet

Target Lodging Sales Sheet

More Exploration & Production companies are learning that it pays to invest in the time their crews are not working on location. What makes us the leader in workforce lodging is the Target 12 – an investment in rest, nutrition and recreation that contributes to the safety and comfort of your workers. Learn how our workforce housing can be a game changer. 

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View of picnic area at a Target Lodging Facility

See how we provide the Economics of Comfort® around the world – from Olympic games to hurricane relief camps to oil and gas workforce housing.

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Employees walking back from a job to a mancamp facility

Explore the meaning of the Economics of Comfort® and how our customers have experienced a higher return on workforce housing.

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